Matt and I got married in 2015 and now live in Kona, Hawaii with our two wild boys and baby on the way! We love the Hawaiian islands, the culture of the Hawaiian people, and value of 'Ohana (family). We are opposites in almost every single way. But we've found that together, we are an incredible team!

She is the heart + mind behind our business. She has poured hours of dreaming and scheming into this. She comes up with the ideas (which are sometimes crazy and out there at first), then she designs and executes the plan. Everything she touches she makes beautiful. She's been practicing her hand lettering for years, little by little every day. She's full of grit + grace, which shows in everything she makes. Every letter, every stroke is a declaration of victory + truth. 

He's the muscles behind every design. Matt loves all things wood, metal, structure, and innovation. Any idea we come up with, Matt's brilliant mind takes it to the next level. Everything he makes, he makes in excellence. He thinks longevity. Whatever it is, its going to be efficient and its gonna stand the test of time. He takes the craziest ideas and figures out how to make it happen. Nothing would get completed around here without him. 


When Matt + I were first married, we were on such a tight budget (aka BROKE)
but wanted to make our home together beautiful; to make it us. So we thought, we can use what we have (or find) and make stuff ourselves! I would come up with the design and Matt would make it happen. Or he would have a brilliant idea and I would help design it. I declared words of truth and life over our home + family through art. Matt brought minimal, practical pieces around us. We started dreaming:
what would it look like to do this for a living??

Then one day we were browsing through a Homegoods store, dreaming + scheming for our 1st little 600 square foot home. We passed by the drink ware aisle and saw a stack of coasters: half marble, half wood. Matt picked it up and goes, "Hey, it's us! White + Wood." It hit us right there - that's the name of our brand: WHITE + WOOD